Let’s try this blog thing again

After a false start that is.

Just back from Zakynthos. Interesting place. You know a countries economy is screwed when the price of petrol there is higher than it is in the U.K.

Zakynthos Airport security was interesting. 1 litre of liquids, not the advertised 300ml, was the allowed container size through security, and setting the metal detectors off (which obviously I did) elicited a gruff “move along, you’re blocking the scanner” from the guard rather than the more usual search that you get in most airports.

Writing, bah, tried to hack some words down but it didn’t really stick. So, one deadline missed, but another one coming up fast on the inside. So I should probably be writing rather than blogging.


Well, that went well……

To be fair June has been surprisingly busy but I could have made more time, much more time, to write more than the 4000 odd words I managed to put down. Still, I did manage to come up with a “cunning plan” that hopefully July will allow me to implement. Being on the skint side of cash flow should help as I can’t afford to go anywhere or do anything that costs this month. In theory that’ll leave more time for writing. We shall see.

However, I did manage to source Space Truckers. As I remember it a truly awful movie although the basic plot of a borderline illegal space transport crew could be seen as a foretaste of Firefly. I’ll post a review once I’ve watched it, providing my eyes hold out and Carol doesn’t beat me to death for making her sit through yet another dreadful Sci-Fi movie. If I don’t post again, well you know what’s happened…..



ANOWRIMO, not NANOWRIMO? No, I’ve decided that June is going to be Another Novel Writing Month. But in a fit of sanity (call it being heart lazy) I’m not setting a word limit. So far, and it is only June 1st, I’m at 1014 words. Don’t expect it to grow much, but I’m going to give it a bash. At least until tomorrow.

A cunning plan

Last nights writing didn’t go at all according to plan. First up I got an email from our chief scout to say the library was overcrowded with schoolkids cramming for exams. Pictures of kids hanging out of doorways using one hand to hold onto the building while the other grasped a text book flitted across my mind. However the alternative venue, Bibliocafe, is somewhere I like though havn’t been for a while. So meeting the chief scout in Bibliocafe was a viable plan. Said scout was already busy typing away so I got out my laptop and powered it on. For some reason I took my work laptop with me, not my normal Samsung netbook. This has a cunning peice of security software on it that overy so often fails entirely and locks the machine out. The only solution is an entire rebuild. Guess was happened last night when I tried to login to the damn thing? So, with no productive way to do any writing last night I resorted to reading Asimov (the mag) and distracting the chief scout. A relaxing rather than intense evening and I’m remarkably refreshed today. This has allowed me to come up with a cunning plan for publishing success. I need to start using my middle initial when sending submissions. Well I need to start sending submissions first but that’s another tale. Back to the cunning plan. The first letter of my middle name happens to be an M. Now some of you might have heard of Iain M Banks. Famous author, forename four letters, middle initial M, surname five letters. Spot a pattern there? The plan can’t fail, can it?

Alan M Laird

Writing to Infinity

I may one day get the hang of this blogging thing. At the moment it’s an experiment in procrastination. If I can avoid writing a blog I can use that as an excuse for not writing.

I’t not been a greeat week for writing. It’s officially “Write a story a day in May” http://storyaday.org/ and I’m zero stories in so going well there. On the plus side anything divided by zero returns a result of infinity so my writing is at infinity, or something like that.

Tonight I’m planning to turn up for the Glasgow SF writers circle. Never been before but met a couple of the guys who do/did go while down at Eastercon and got invited along.

I’ve heard a rumour there may be beer afterwards at these things. Shame I’m on the wagon.

Adventures in Writing

No clever chucking a fountain pen through the evil swordsman’s eye. It’s not that kind of adventure. What I am hoping is that forcing myself to write down what I’m attempting in the world of creative writing will force me to do more than procrastinate.  The latter I’m very very good at, the former (writing, not pen chucking) not so much. Another post will follow in a couple of days. Don’t hold you’re breath though, you’ll expand into a huge balloon shape and explode if you do that.