Writing to Infinity

I may one day get the hang of this blogging thing. At the moment it’s an experiment in procrastination. If I can avoid writing a blog I can use that as an excuse for not writing.

I’t not been a greeat week for writing. It’s officially “Write a story a day in May” http://storyaday.org/ and I’m zero stories in so going well there. On the plus side anything divided by zero returns a result of infinity so my writing is at infinity, or something like that.

Tonight I’m planning to turn up for the Glasgow SF writers circle. Never been before but met a couple of the guys who do/did go while down at Eastercon and got invited along.

I’ve heard a rumour there may be beer afterwards at these things. Shame I’m on the wagon.


One response to “Writing to Infinity

  1. Ah, procrastination! I knew it!

    Let me know how going to the Glasgow SF writers group goes. I know a few guys who either go or used to go. Munchkin and Jim Campbell. Good guys.

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