A cunning plan

Last nights writing didn’t go at all according to plan. First up I got an email from our chief scout to say the library was overcrowded with schoolkids cramming for exams. Pictures of kids hanging out of doorways using one hand to hold onto the building while the other grasped a text book flitted across my mind. However the alternative venue, Bibliocafe, is somewhere I like though havn’t been for a while. So meeting the chief scout in Bibliocafe was a viable plan. Said scout was already busy typing away so I got out my laptop and powered it on. For some reason I took my work laptop with me, not my normal Samsung netbook. This has a cunning peice of security software on it that overy so often fails entirely and locks the machine out. The only solution is an entire rebuild. Guess was happened last night when I tried to login to the damn thing? So, with no productive way to do any writing last night I resorted to reading Asimov (the mag) and distracting the chief scout. A relaxing rather than intense evening and I’m remarkably refreshed today. This has allowed me to come up with a cunning plan for publishing success. I need to start using my middle initial when sending submissions. Well I need to start sending submissions first but that’s another tale. Back to the cunning plan. The first letter of my middle name happens to be an M. Now some of you might have heard of Iain M Banks. Famous author, forename four letters, middle initial M, surname five letters. Spot a pattern there? The plan can’t fail, can it?

Alan M Laird


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