Well, that went well……

To be fair June has been surprisingly busy but I could have made more time, much more time, to write more than the 4000 odd words I managed to put down. Still, I did manage to come up with a “cunning plan” that hopefully July will allow me to implement. Being on the skint side of cash flow should help as I can’t afford to go anywhere or do anything that costs this month. In theory that’ll leave more time for writing. We shall see.

However, I did manage to source Space Truckers. As I remember it a truly awful movie although the basic plot of a borderline illegal space transport crew could be seen as a foretaste of Firefly. I’ll post a review once I’ve watched it, providing my eyes hold out and Carol doesn’t beat me to death for making her sit through yet another dreadful Sci-Fi movie. If I don’t post again, well you know what’s happened…..



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